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The Fourth Annual Cape Cod Pirate Festival comes ashore in Yarmouth this Summer! AVAST YE!

Let it be known that the 2024 Cape Cod Pirate Festival will be held June 1, 2, 8, & 9 from 10:30am-5:30pm!

Hudson Valley Pirate Festival

This all started 4 yrs.ago after watching many Pirate Movies as well as Muppet Treasure Island, we thought

” Hey…we love Pirates, lets do a Pirate festival

On May 11 & 12th 2024 , We once again return to The Ulster County Fairgrounds in New Paltz, NY to bring to you, Swashbuckling Captains with their loyal yet thieving crew, Wenches, Mermaids, Faeries, and a whole host of roaming characters. Live Entertainment all day, 75+ Vendors, Tasty Food and Beverages ,games of skill, a children’s area and many more surprises. All this for your enjoyment


Pirate Wenches interested in joining the Ship…The Queen Cle’ Toria, please email us at

Membership includes: A special Pirate Wench Pin, a song book with all the special songs we sing, a license to Wench, a paddle with your new Pirate Wench Name, signed by the Captain Herself! and a free drink at MkKrakynn’s Pub, before attending the MkKrakynn Sisters Adult night show, the chance to join a group of Women that believe in the 4F’s that are a true Pirate Wenches code!! Fight, Flirt, F**k,  & Freedom to do them all!!

This year we are offering to you  our loyal friends a chance to Get off your Ship and sail with us!!

Remember when your part of HVPF, it has its privilege’s.

for more info on joining the ship please contact: Captain Morganna or call me (845)706-4307 Cheryl

The Ship is built but needs a crew, would ye be interested in sailing ?

We are accepting vendors for this years Festival 

Please contact us for an application: